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Thursday, 02 April 2015 14:19

Critical comments

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My critical comments on a programme of NRT TV.

I watched this Programme and I have some comments on the actual production (not the subject of the Programme). Since we know that using at least three cameras produces such Programme, we need to consider setting cameras individually. Based on what I had seen, I therefore I would like to make some comments.

Camera one, is normally going to be the main camera that captures a WIDE SHOT this is to tell the viewer what is going on.

Camera two and three could be used at either side of the camera one for 45-degree shots. It is important to know/ remember that camera one set at 90-degrees. Sometimes more than three cameras are sued for the purpose of cutaways and body languages as the interviewee makes. For instance: while cracking their fingers, crossing their arms, facial expression, and hand movements.

The issues that I noticed in the Programme, as far as the production concerns as follows:

1. Sound quality was poor, why?

The sound quality was not as good as it should be simply because the Tie microphones that were used should not had been used in the first place. Because they are very sensitive (all microphones are) and they pick wind noise easily and that interrupts the actual sound that intend to record for the production. In this scenario case is an interview of Jamil Baik. What should have been used is a shotgun microphone using blimp boom pole system that comes with a windshield; and this requires for someone to hold the boom throughout the interview or ideally set it up in front of the interviewee and the interviewer. The benefit of using such professional equipment means that the sound quality is promising and will capture a clean sound. I understand that it is going to be a little more work for the production team, however in the end it is worth it because without having an acceptable sound quality the production would not look as good. Having a blimp boom pole system that comes with a windshield is necessary for out door productions; and all broadcasters should seriously think about it. I have to say the fact that all professional broadcasters do use it despite the difficulties that they face even when they enter a war zone.

2. The colour temperature of the camera that was recording Jamil Baik was similar to sun set or sun rise (Tungsten). The colour temperature of this camera should had been exactly the same as the camera that was recording Rebwar, simply because the distance of the both objects (Jamil and Rebwar) are exactly the same distance. And off course the following setting should had been the same too and on manual settings as well (F Stop or Iris, Shutter Speed, Colour Temperature, and finally White Balancing).

3. The colour temperature of the camera one (main camera) was exactly the same as the camera two or three that was recording Jamil Baik. What is more, the camera two or three that was recording Rebwar was actually cooler in colour temperature. This would mean that the cameras had not been set up as the same in terms of the (F Stop or Iris, Shutter Speed, colour Temperature, and finally White Balancing) and in deed the settings have to be manual not an automatic.

4. To add, the 45- degrees for the camera two and three were not precise and this could had been considered more in depth. The reason for this is that the images were a little flattened and too much shadows on one side of their face, while the other side of their face had been over exposed because of the natural light resource, which the sun. I would say the F Stop or Iris could had been adjusted to prevent this; or alternatively an ND Filters could had been using to help the camera not to over expose the skin of their faces.   





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