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Darya Said's videography space.

Informal introduction 

I would like to give an introduction about myself, which sounds this would be my personal portfolio for the future to come.

therefore I would need to build on this. It would be true to state that this statement is about me as Darya Said, which I would like to be known through this informal statement. It is an introduction about who I am and a little about my profession. It is possible to find yourself in the right direction working towards your dreams. From my personal experiences, any new career is a real challenge, but at the same time it is fun and joy too. What I believe is focusing on initial, but a thinkable step is crucial towards my future plans.

To achieve a professional career in creative industry would mean to focus purely on the subjects that matter to me that I got engaged in. I have always dreamt to who I desire to be in the future; and this philosophy has always being my only motivation in my entire life. I now have decided to be creative, working in creative industry means a lot to me. Vision is an element that not everyone could have and so to be creative you have to have this element within you. Talent is another obvious element that anyone would need it in order to succeed in any career or long term task.

Communication is another fundamental key success for anyone; this is because we all need to communicate with each other. Communication could have a wider meaning as far as the industries and individual professionals concerned. Therefore, building ourselves as a professional this would require us to be smart, honest, punctual, and creative. Since I know it is challenging to get through the industry, plus there are dozens of professional people out there working in the same field, thus I have to accept the fact that unless I prove that I am well equipped better than others to challenge, otherwise I would not be able to map a business for my future.

In addition to this, as a service provider I must be very clear about the services I provide? If the answer is positive, then I have to think of providing a high quality of services that possibly make me to feel passionate about it. In the same time it is advisable to be frank enough with my clients about the rate of the services I deliver to them.